It’s amazing to be able to give our 5th grade students exposure to a multitude of authors and genres of literature. They benefit tremendously from small group instruction through a true book club experience, which the Book Fairies have helped us provide. Our students now have the opportunity to take part in the choice of great books! Thank you Book Fairies for helping us to make available stories that our kids can relate to across different experiences and backgrounds.

Michele Bergman and Barbra GreggoTeacher, PS24, Flushing, NY
As a teacher in the LYFE Program serving infants and toddlers of young parents I know how important literacy enrichment is. I was interested in encouraging the parents in our program to read to their children daily and develop loving memories which the parents and the children could build from. I found out about Book Fairies by googling book donations. I was interested in in having each family receive a basket of board books to take home and start a library for their child at home. Each family received a basket of books during parent conferences in November. The response has been quite amazing from the parents. Each of the families who received the books clearly did not have many books at home and seemed excited about providing their child with this experience. I think it’s a start in helping them realize what tremendous role models they are for their children.  I think literacy opens endless possibilities.
Evelyn AvilaLYFE Teacher, Jeffery Tenzer H.S., New York City
I am a new Universal Literacy Coach in my school.  My school inherited a library from a now-defunct middle school and has no current librarian, so student resources are low in terms of books for families.  I applied to The Book Fairies based on a tip from an associate, and was TREMENDOUSLY grateful to receive a grant for over 7 boxes of books (about 100 books in total).  I picked the books up and distributed them to families during our Back to School Family Night in September.  The books were DEVOURED by families, students, and teachers!  The books were taken within an hour, and everyone loved the variety of texts and levels!  We are definitely appreciative, and look forward to working with The Book Fairies in the future!
Bianca JacksonUniversal Literacy Coach, Grant Avenue Elementary, Bronx, NY
"I wanted to thank you for all of the books that you gave to my program. On July 12th Leake & Watts had its first PCHP graduation. There were 121 people total that attended. Because of the books that I received from Book Fairies I was able to create a “Free Library.” There is such a large population of kids in the Bronx that don’t have books in their home, and I am glad to be a small part of the effort to increase interaction with literature, and increase a love of learning."
Carol Fernandez De La CruzPCHP Coordinator, Leake and Watts Services, Inc, Yonkers
"From your hard work and dedication in the past two weeks, we have donated two reading novels to every child in our school from Kindergarten to the 8th Grade. Children are already using these literature books to complete summer reading projects. The expressions from the children who received these books was riveting to watch."
Dan SeidTeacher, Roosevelt Children's Academy, Roosevelt
"Thank you for remembering our seniors with the delivery of books. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity."
Alicia PortwineDirector, Wyandanch Nutrition Center
"We gave out two boxes of books from your donation on Thursday to families at the PCHP Site in Great Neck/Manhasset, and the children and families were beyond delighted!"
Jennifer RosenthalThe Parent-Child Home Program, Garden City
"Thank you for all of the great books that you sent.  My library has tripled in size!! Your company is the saving grace of schools/children in need."
Christine GonzalezTeacher, Roosevelt Children’s Academy, Roosevelt
"A huge THANK YOU to The book Fairies for helping me get fiction books on my shelves in time for September!! My students are going to love these books!!"
Kelly RamosLibrarian, Front Street, Hempstead
"I absolutely love this “book drive”, and the fact that you are giving the books to a district in our own backyard is wonderful."
Jennifer FalcoTeacher, JFK Middle School, Bethpage
"We got the books today and the kids are already clamoring to read them.  They are very excited!  So am I!  Thank you so much!  What a wonderful gift.  We will never turn any books away."
Susan BrillTeacher, PS230, Brooklyn
"My students really, really loved their books.  They each got three books to keep.  They want to know if you have anymore? I told them I would check with you to see if you did.  Please let me know.  You really helped my students love reading.  You are truly a gift to our students."
Dionne JonesTeacher, Barack Obama Elementary, Hempstead
"You and your organization have been so helpful to our school in providing books and resources for our classrooms, as well as to our students to teach them the importance of having a home library. With your most recent donation each student in the fourth and fifth grade has received one book to take home and read. The students in my class took home 5 books to add to their class libraries as well as taking one book to read during DEAR time."
Dan SeidTeacher, Roosevelt Children’s Academy, Roosevelt
"Thank you again for donating those books to my fourth grade classroom in Roosevelt. Each of my students took home 5 novels. Other books have been added to our classroom library. Thank you again."
Dan SeidTeacher, Roosevelt Children’s Academy
"Just wanted to let you know that this week we held the parent teacher conferences. The boxes of books you gave us were a success!! about 90% of the books were taken by parents and students. I cannot wait to get more."
Luz McCawTeacher, Wyandanch High School
"You really are making a difference with all your efforts. Of course the children will be so happy. Thanks again!"
Barbara HirschTeacher, Lido East and West Libraries
"Thank you so much again for the books you so generously donated to my classroom and to my students. Their eyes lit up when they saw the updated classroom library and they were equally excited to hear that some books would be theirs to keep."
Elisheva PerlsteinTeacher, PS197Q, Far Rockaway
"Thank you so much for the wonderful supply of books you sent our way! I have spent the past week handing them to teachers and students. They were all so excited and happy to receive them. Your book donation is very much appreciated by all!"
Esta JacobskindLibrarian, F.X. Hegarty School Island Park
"I cannot thank you enough for all the books you delivered to the school. The kids absolutely loved them. They were very eager to look through all the books and take what really interests them. We held a book drive during lunch periods for students to come and browse. I was able to give each department a handful of books on the subject they teach so they can begin to have their own classroom library."
Jennifer VeitTeacher, Wyandanch High School, Wyandanch
"One of my boys has not put down the Mike Lupica football book (he even carries it in the hallway).  My students were awed by the generosity you have shown, and instructed me to pass along a giant 'THANK YOU'!"
Allison McCauleyAllison McCauley, Teacher, Amityville Middle School, Amityville
"Amy, the teachers were freaking out!! They were like kids in a candy store. Books all done believe it or not!! Will take more."
Ara TinterTeacher, Hebrew Academy for Special Needs, Brooklyn
"The children at Levy-Lakeside donated SO many books. I thought my tires might blow when I loaded them all in the van. Thanks for letting these wonderful kids be part of such a great charity."
Terri Lieberman, PTALevy-Lakeside Elementary